Industrial building Longarone
Executive Design, DL

Client: Private Eyewear Company
Year: 2008-2009
Location: Longarone (BL) - North Italy
Service Provided: architectural planning and execution, DL


Project for an industrial building located in Villanova - Longarone (BL) - North Italy), 930x600m x 13m height. Bearing framework is constituted of pillars, beams with precast concrete floor slab mostly supported by foundation plinths, most of the footing has a recess into which the bottom end of the prefabricated concrete column is inserted. Iron sheeting, panels exterior cladding, interior concrete walls. The building is located in a level II seismic zone (S=9). ENCO Assignment: Static calculation for: concrete structures and pre-stressed concrete beams and foundations. For calculation have been taken into consideration loads and excess loads as established by Italian law. Tests ran using the Permissible Stress Method.

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